Sam Worthington to star in Last Days of American Crime
By Rick on Jun 29 2010

I enjoy the word exchange with War Rocket Ajax
By Rick on Jun 28 2010

Me talk pretty this day.

Entertainment Weekly on Bulletstorm
By Rick on Jun 28 2010

"An intense, outrageous shooter that winningly distinguishes itself by being outrageously funny, too."

Bulletstorm concept art
By Rick on Jun 17 2010

News out of E3 is that Bulletstorm is a hit. Been hearing that everyone has responded well to the ridiculousness I wrote as well as the amazing gameplay. The game speaks to so many things I love, it's been a blast to help create it. They've really let me go to town on it with big ideas and the kind of blue schlock talk I love to write. Being lead writer has vulgar privilege. I'm glad to hear the response is so positive. Here is some terrific concept art.

Bulletstorm game demo up
By Rick on Jun 16 2010

Bulletstorm, the game I'm writing for Epic/PCF, had it's big unveiling at E3. Check out the presentation and game demo...

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