By Rick on Sep 19 2006

Strange Girl vol. 3
By Rick on Sep 19 2006

Nick Stakal's cover for the third Strange Girl trade--

Mr. Cho, full of power
By Rick on Sep 18 2006

Michael Cho gears up for his Fear Agent one-shot--

FEAR AGENT #9 Sneak Peak--
By Rick on Sep 18 2006

Jerome Opena, you magnificent bastard!

By Rick on Sep 17 2006

I just finished the final page to the Last Christmas. 113 pages and three covers later, I'm done. I'm not going to pencil anything for a long time, it's too much work. Proud of the book over all, now it's in Hilary Barta's hands and the deadline looms... :)

By Rick on Sep 15 2006

Mogwai is just about my favorite band to write to. Each album is like a sound track. The newest CD is full up of much of the awesome.

Email-- you so crazy
By Rick on Sep 15 2006

I was going to use the pap below as the legal mumbo-jumbo at the bottom of my emails. I never did though, it looked a bit messy down there and I'm sort of a little bitch of neatness. Anyway here it is----

Rick Remender

The information in this email is confidential and may be used to confuse and bewilder. It is intended solely for the addressee or the ghost of Nipsy Russel. Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorized by the big face on the spinning pole in TRON, I think it was called CPU or something, I dunno, look it up. Any unauthorized dissemination (look this up as well), distribution and/or copying of this communication, any attachments, and/or the information contained herein is strictly prohibited but I'm not entirely sure by who... Let's say the NSA will be really unhappy with you and record you having phone sex and send a copy to everyone you work with as a reminder. This is intended also as a legal and binding document between the sender and the receiver that once read entitles the sender to a hot turkey dinner at the expense of the receiver with payment due upon request of the sender as long as the sender notifies the receiver he would like his hot turkey dinner within, say... An hour.

Hello, Nerd
By Rick on Sep 15 2006

Welcome to my new website.

My new website loves you unconditionally. When you sit in that lazy-boy recliner of yours cooking cocktail wieners in the easy-bake oven you stole from that yard sale and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the sliding glass door that leads to your "hobo grave yard" and you wonder how you became such an ugly and horrible person-- don't sweat it too much, my website still loves you.

My new website will always be here for you no matter what.

Go ahead, let yourself slide. Get as fat as you want. Forget to shower for a month. Brush your teeth with country gravy. Be the putrid sack of shit you've always dreamed of becoming-- my website doesn't mind. It'll still party on you till the break-a-break-a dawn.

Grow a weak little mustache and change your name to Renaldo Rumtugger Mclongtooth the III-- do it, see if my new site gives two shits.

It doesn't.

It loves you for who you are and what you will one day become.

Welcome home.

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