By Rick on Jan 09 2008

My new series with Brian Churilla, Hilary Barta and Jason Millet is slowly ramping up to be pitched. Jason is coloring these wonderful covers now...

By Rick on Jan 09 2008

Kieron Dwyer and Tony Moore do it again-

By Rick on Jan 07 2008

Really gorgeous Mat Broome covers for our book at Dark Horse The End League.

Opena FA cover
By Rick on Jan 07 2008

Really great new Fear Agent cover by Jerome Opena and Michelle Madsen.

The All New Atom 21
By Rick on Jan 07 2008

Ladronn's cover to my first issue of The Atom to be drawn by with artists' Pat Olliffe and John Stanisci.

Robot Squid Tattoo
By Rick on Jan 07 2008

Did this as a sketch for Atomic Comic's store manager Jeff Teston last year and he got it tattooed-

By Rick on Dec 21 2007

By Rick on Dec 07 2007

Newsarama has learned that, beginning with March's issue #21, Rick (Fear Agent) Remender and Pat Ollife will be the new creative team on DC's The All-New Atom, replacing Gail Simone and Mike Norton.

For Remender, this will be his first major work as a writer at DC, and seems to be a natural fit, given his penchant for pulpy/science fiction material. For Oliffe, it will be his new home after wrapping up 52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen.


The All-New Atom launched in September of 2006 after the new version of the legacy character debuting in Brave New World, an epilogue of sorts to Infinite Crisis. In the series, writer Gail Simone introduced Ryan Choi, who took up the mantle of the Atom in part out of necessity, and in part, to honor/homage his mentor, Ray Palmer, who has been missing in the DC Universe since the end of 2004‚¦¢rvbar;¬¥uro;‚Ą¦cent;s Identity Crisis (and is currently the subject of a multiverse-wide search in Countdown). Palmer selected Choi as his replacement should anything happen to him, and since taking on the role of miniature super-hero, Choi has found himself in conflict with the forces of both science and magic, given that Palmer‚¦¢rvbar;¬¥uro;‚Ą¦cent;s activities as the Atom have changed the fundamental laws of reality in and around Ivy Town.

DC Comics had no official comment on this story.

Look for more from Remender and Oliffe shortly on Newsarama.

By Rick on Nov 06 2007

Last Christmas
By Rick on Oct 10 2007

From Variety:

Gang nabs 'Last Christmas' rights
Graphic novel pits Santa against zombies

Hollywood Gang Prods is dreaming of a violent Christmas.

Production shingle has optioned rights to graphic novel "The Last Christmas" from Image Comics.

Written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, with art by Rick Remender, the novel revolves around Santa Claus, who turns his back on Christmas and goes into seclusion after nuclear war has destroyed the world. When the North Pole gets attacked, Santa must battle zombies and renegades to save the remaining survivors, and ultimately, the holiday.

Hollywood Gang partner Craig J. Flores will exec produce the project.

Shingle's Gianni Nunnari was a producer on Warner Bros.' "300."

In addition to "Christmas," Hollywood Gang is also developing the graphic novels "Ocean," by Warren Ellis, and Frank Miller's "Ronin," as well as a remake of 1978 pic "The Wild Geese," based on Daniel Carney's unpublished novel "The Thin White Line," with Rupert Sanders attached to direct.

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